Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Review

Let me start this off with Happy September! My favorite month of the year. Why?! My birthday month of course, duh! Also..Autumn weather! But not here in FL though. We won't get that until later in the year. Anywho, onto the review..

A few months, I was contacted by the folks over at to give a review on their prepaid Visa card. So with Comic-Con coming up and me being a Walking Dead fan...

My card came pre-loaded and I got to choose from 4 different designs. That one being my fav. There are also other designs to choose from. Sports players, models, cartoons, actors, name it! This card is so easy to use! You can load it through Western Union, Paypal and you can even have it set up with Direct Deposit with your employer! Does it get any more awesome than that?!

So where did I use my card at? No other than Forever 21 of course. Here are a couple items i bought. 

(Clearly an iPhone pic.)

I've already worn the skirt in a previous post and can't wait to show outfits for the rest! 

Basically, all I did was swipe and go. That easy! I'll definitely be using this card more. I love it!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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