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Iesha Taitague
I have a 7yr old son, Brayden and the wife of an Airman, Troy. We've been married for 2 yrs. In June of 2012 after we got married, me and my son moved to AZ. Now we reside near FWB/Destin, FL. I work at Forever 21. Aside from fashion, I'm in love with my favorite band ever, Hanson. They're my main love. I've been a fan since I was 13 yrs old. Oh, and my favorite color is pink!

And now the question. How did my blog come about? Well, my husband said I needed a hobby. I would constantly buy clothes since moving to AZ, and got inspired when searching through Instagram and saw so many ladies post their amazing outfits. So that's when I decided to start blogging..again. But this time I'd keep up with it. And I have for almost a year. Starting a blog was only supposed to be just that..a hobby. But now I've gotten so wrapped up into it that wouldn't mind doing this full-time...one day.

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  1. Hi, can you tell me the specific name of the white MK bag?


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