Friday, March 20, 2015

A Victim of Social Media Identity Theft

A few months back, an Instagram follower told me about this girl and how she was using my pics for her own IG page. I found it, with 1 pic of mine being used as her main avatar. No other pics were posted and her account was locked. I shrugged it off as a no biggie. People use other peoples pics all the time. Right?!

This past Tuesday, my Instagram notifications flooded with new followers and comments. My FB likes were going up by the minute. "Why would anyone use MY pics?", I asked myself. At first I thought I had been featured on one of those black fashion-based IG pages, hence the hundreds of followers. But I couldn't find a tag, mention, anything. Then that's when the comments came. "You're trending in Kenya!" "You resemble Wanja Kavengi the famous Kenyan." "She had us Kenyans fooled. Could write really well though." I was flattered that anyone would even consider using my photos as their own.  Last night, I actually went to Google. This chick was supposedly a writer for the website Capital F.M but when contacted, they had no idea who they were talking about. Hmmmk. 

The next link that came up was another entertainment site, Ghafla. This post was a tell-all about Wanja Kavengi, her family and friends, and how she ran her own website, A Horrible Little Blog Full of Little Horriblilities. Now of course, that blog link has seen its last of days. Nobody has heard from Wanja since. Apparently this has been going on for FIVE YEARS! Imagine having your pictures used as someone else's in another country for five years. Insane! 

I've listed a link for another article below, as well as a SS's of her FB and IG.

A pic of mine used for her main FB photo. 

SS of her Instagram profile.