Monday, July 2, 2012

New Girl

Yay! My first blog post and I'm so excited! Lately I've been browsing through alot of fashion blogger sites and I have become completely inspired. Up until recently, I was never into fashion much. Being a housewife, I had gotten so bored so all i did was shop. Since me and my family moved to FL, there aren't too many girlie stores around. Just a Forever 21 (that sucks to the extreme). So I turned to online shopping and let's say I've become addicted. I hope to update as much as possible and start networking with new folks. Comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!

I picked up this clutch a couple weeks ago from the Base Exchange. It was on clearance for $6! I'm not really a clutch girl, but i couldn't resist.  It's got alot of room (not enough for me on most days)  and i love the leopard print. Maybe I'll consider getting more!

I bought these shoes from Bakers about a week or so ago. They were originally $80 and got them when they went on sale for $60. (Sadly they're on sale AGAIN for $50.)  They have a clutch to match and they also come in black! 

Button-Up, skinny  jeans, and sunglasses all from Forever 21.


  1. You look great!! Loving the shoes. Can't wait for mine to come in the mail. Congrats on your first post!


  2. I love the shoes! I'm gonna go check out the site now. Hopefully, they'll still have them. Great look! Classic! :)


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