Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Miss Independence

Happy 4th everyone! I know I am kind of late getting this post up, but guess who had to work a 10 hr shift today?! You got it! So I'm exhausted. I also had to take pics inside cause it just had to rain today. :( They didn't come out as great as I wanted to, but it's better than nothing. Since I couldn't really enjoy the holiday with my boys, we at least had a potluck at work. Nom! Nom! I was also the only person that dressed up festive! I told them I had to. I'm an Airmen's wife. Anyway, I just snapped a few pics when I got home and as I'm posting I can still hear fireworks going on. We can see them from base so we didn't have to go anywhere! Hope you all enjoy!

This was my first time wearing this shirt. Obviously, it's dark blue and it's really sheer in the back.  

Panty lines. Ew! Lol. I can say this will be my absolute last time wearing this skirt. I think I lost a little weight recently so it wasn't fitting snug like it used to. But it's the only red bottoms that I have. And I really wanted to wear it today. 

I have so many lipsticks that I do not use. Funny thing is, I always pick the red. It takes me a few buys to figure out what lipstick I like. My lips get chapped alot and most lipsticks dry them out.  But this specific kind I love. I actually have 2 different shades of red and a pink. Which by the way, I need to buy more.

I really loved this outfit (besides the skirt being too big). I don't really dress festive for holidays, but now I might have to. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt, Belt, & Watch: Target
Bangles & Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival

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