Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Mustard Please

Hello lovelies. It's been a couple days since my last post, so today i just had to get out and take some flicks. And it's been so nice the past few days (minus the T-storms). I wish it was a little cooler though, even though it's great having sun.

I was surprised with how these shorts fit. It's hard finding shorts that don't go up to the booty cheeks. These shorts are quite comfy. Not too tight, not too loose. And i love the color.

 I'm not really a wedge girl, but these are super comfy. Got these babys from ZooShoo for only $26. Only thing is that they are maybe a 1/2 size too big, but I still love them.

Tank, Shorts, Sunglasses,Necklace, Bracelet: Forever 21
White/Gold Bangles: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Target
Shoes: ZooShoo


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