Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pink & Polka Dots

On Wednesdays we wear pink. Ok, so I actually wore this yesterday but whatevs. You get the picture. Troy got the day off yesterday so we took a drive to the beach. Ah, it was lovely. It's great to get there before all the tourists do (or when they leave). It's not crowded so you basically have the beach to yourself. It wasn't too hot to go swimming, but warm enough to chill in the sand for a few. (Btw, I hate sand.) 

This is the second time I've worn these polka dot pants and I LOVE them. They're so comfy AND high-waisted, so of course I had to wear it with a crop top. I love how these photos came out. My new camera is so awesome!

Top/Pants/Accessories: F21


  1. I love that you paired it with a crop top! I am wanting warmer temps so I can bring mine out!

  2. v nice blog :) if u wanna follow each other let me know i ll be happy :)
    kisses from italy

  3. Beautiful dear! Wish I was by a beach somewhere!

    Thanks for your sweet comment


  4. U look so great #teampixie

  5. Cool glasses! :)

    If you wanna follow each other - follow me and I follow you immediately :)


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