Saturday, November 9, 2013

New In (F21, Target, Ross Haul)

What I've bought over the past few weeks days.

Idk if I wanna keep these shoes. They squeak, yet so comfy. They were the first pair of wedge sneakers I've ever tried on. I want to keep them so bad..

Been lusting over this shirt forever. 

All 3. On sale. I win.

Both items totaled under $20. I win again.

2. Sweaters: F21 (in stores)
5. Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Dress
6. Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Skirt
8. Leopard Print Cross Scarf (Ross)
9. Leopard D'Orsay Flats (Ross)
11. Chiffon Blouse: F21 (in stores)

Yea, it sucks working at F21. Sucks so good.


  1. Nice haul! I like the black and white sweaters. :-)


  2. They look like christmas presents ready to be wrapped! Love the sneakers, hi-tops are awesome!

    xo, Alina


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