Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink & Khaki

Hello lovies. And again, I've been busy with work and the fam. But I'm here. 
Today was a laid back kind of day. My husband has been wanting to take pics down by the water. It's so lovely. This will probably be a new hot spot. :)
And I'm still waiting for it to cool down. It's only chilly in the am's :( 

You will rarely see me wear shorts but I bought these cause they were on sale and it's just too hot to live in FL without owning a pair of shorts. By the way, I hate them. I hate the material and they're see-through. I bought them at F21 a couple months ago and now that I've lost weight, they're hanging off of me. 

I've been eyeing this bag for awhile now. It's currently Law on Just Fab, but I bought it at the Base Exchange. Same price, but no tax! I originally wanted it in pink, then blue, then mustard, but they all sold out! And at the BX, they only had grey, camel, orange, and black. I had to fish for the black. It was hiding on the bottom shelf. I had to keep deciding if I wanted that or the orange.

LOVE these floral flats. Took me awhile to break them in (F21 and their whole sizes only). 

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: F21
Bag: Base Exchange
Flats: F21
Beret: A'Gaci
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson


  1. I am a frequent visitor in your blogs, this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again

  2. Cute look,love the flats

  3. LOVe your pink striped shirt! And of course you need shorts if you are in FL, those are super cute amd will go with a lot of things!


  4. Lovely outfit! The striped shirt with the beanie looks amazing!
    So perfect for LA weather!

    Xoxo Lil


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