Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OK. Before any of you ask, my favorite band is Hanson. Yes, Hanson. MMMBop Hanson. I've been a fan for 15 yrs now and it has been quite the musical ride.  Anyway, as you an probably guess by the title of this post, today indeed is my birthday. One year older. And sometimes i feel just like that: OLD.  Since high school, I never really cared for my birthday. I was more mature around that time and very responsible. These days I don't expect anything, but my husband always amazes. (Check the bottom of this post.)  So, here's todays post. I thought "why not spending my birthday with all 5 of my favorite guys?" :) 

Today is also the birthdays of one of my other fav bands, Tegan and Sara. I totally rocked the house today celebrating. How awesome?!

Wonder Woman twirling!

I'm in my bedroom watching Beauty and the Beast and reorganizing my blog, when my husband and son come in singing happy birthday to me while bringing me this. I'm such a sucker for yellow mix/ buttercream icing so everyone knows that's the kind of cake i love. And that's just what it was. And for my gift I got a crock-pot! I've been saying that I wanted one for the longest and Troy finally got it for me! It's on now!


T-shirt: HANSON
Skirt/Belt: Lulus
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Bakers


  1. Awww Happy Birthday!! Wow and you won the gift card contest! That's a great gift :) You look so cute hope you had a wonderful day!


  2. Happy Birthday, love your skirt

  3. Just found your blog... Happy birthday! Not only is your skirt adorable, but I love your blog!

  4. Happy birthday!! I love how you added a regular t-shirt to your pretty skirt! Oh and by the way, I LOVE my crock pot, you will too! LMK if you need recipes!


  5. Happy birthday! What an adorable skirt & look!

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You should always be excited for your birthday. It's your day and no one can ever take that away from you. Your tshirt is so cute! I love it.

    Want to win $50 worth of clothing? Come join my MIXMOSS giveaway!!! :)


  7. Such a cute outfit!
    Love your skirt<33

  8. Very cute! Also Happy birthday!!!!!


  9. Fun shirt!


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