Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Shades

OK so..what a year it has been! My last blog post was way back in May. Alot has happened in life since then. My husband had came home to visit from overseas, I started working at part-time job in addition to my full-time, AND we moved across the country! I've been a walking zombie from then until a month ago. So I think I needed a little break from blogging, even though I felt bad doing so. All my outfits have been blogged on my Instagram, so it's kind of like I never left. I haven't gotten the chance to go through Bloglovin and read other bloggers' posts, so I'll need to pick up on that. 

Anyhoo, fall is finally here in Arizona (yes I'm aware winter is approaching) so my sister and I headed to the park to shoot this look. White is just so classy but I try not to wear it too much cause of course it gets dirty. I've had this skirt in my closet for a few months and this is the first time I've worn it. Y'all know I love anything bodycon! I paired it with this burnt orange top which is a perfect fall shade and these brown heels and voila! We took these photos in the morning so it was still chilly but the coat came off about 20 mins later. Btw, I just love our new neighborhood! There's only about 50 homes and their still building new houses! I scoped out the potential locations for my shoots and they're fab! Can't wait to share! Outfit details are posted below. :) 

IMG_9392 IMG_9512 IMG_9414 IMG_9430 IMG_9451 IMG_9490 IMG_9389 IMG_9514 IMG_9450 IMG_9438 IMG_9582

Top/Skirt/Coat: Forever 21
Heels: Target via Poshmark
Bag: Calvin Klein via Ross Dress for Less
Jewelry: F21

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