Monday, January 19, 2015

The Other Neutrals

Hey y'all! Finally got some new outfits to post for this week. 

Ok, so what colors do we think about when we say neutrals? Black, white, grey, nude, beige, get the picture.  But nobody thinks of burgundy, olive, and brown as neutrals.  Why? Maybe because they're more fall colors? And I somehow managed to put all three into one outfit without realizing it. 

I'm loving this hat. It fits perfectly! And can you guess how much I bought this coat for? 25 buckaroos and it was originally 68!!! Gotta love those additional 50% off sales. And my Calvin Klein purse is my accessory savior! It was originally a present for someone else, but I couldn't help myself. I had to have it. It literally goes with everything. (Told you brown is a neutral!)

IMG_7624 IMG_7609 IMG_7638

Those stains though! This is why I can't stand wearing chiffon..

IMG_7615 IMG_7620

Top/Coat/Hat: F21
Pants: Target
Heels: Target via Poshmark
Bag: Calvin Klein via Ross Dress for Less

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