Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'm Back & Ready for Fall!

Well, I'm back and boy has it been awhile! I never intended to take a hiatus from my blog but life smacked me in the face. Too many things happened at once. My husband is now overseas so before he left, we decided to move somewhere so I'd be closer to my job. This meant a school change for Brayden. He is now keeping me busy by participating in Cub Scouts and playing in County soccer. And let's not mention work! We also moved my mom and baby sister down to Fl from VA and the help she's given has been great. If it wasn't for my mom, idk what I'd do! Being without my husband for a year+ makes me realize how responsible I need to be. He'd be on my back about getting this and that taken care of while I procrastinate. I always rely on him for all of that! Life..the struggle! 

Anyway, I haven't stopped taking photos completely so there are some still to be blogged. Since moving, we've found more great places for photoshoots. We live basically across the street from the beach so I mean..what more do I have to say?!  I posted a sneak of these on IG awhile ago so here's the set!

IMG_6394 IMG_6402 IMG_6414 IMG_6399 IMG_6405

Everything from F21.

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  1. Oh yay! You are back! I never thought leopard print and mustard could look this good together. I love it!


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