Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Yes, I went to see Breaking Dawn today. I'm usually a go-to-see-it-at-midnight type of girl, but since my son has started school, that's a no-go. I was just amazed at how incredible the movie turned out. And of course, I teared up all through out the movie. But what got me all mushy were the end credits. :( So sad to see Twilight come to an end. But I'll most definitely be going to see it again!

 I've had this shirt for awhile and just now wearing it. It's sleeveless and since the weather has been dropping, I decided to pair it with this jacket and my new booties. I kind of stepped out of my zone with this outfit and I loved it. I could feel eyes glancing at me all day! 

I love how comfortable these shoes are. Unfortunately, they run about a 1/2 size larger so I had some extra room. Even though when I got home, I could feel blisters developing. :(

And if you also haven't noticed, black, red, and white are Twilight colors! =)

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Shirt: Urban OG
Jacket: old (Papaya)
Leggings: Target
Belt: F21
Booties: Amazon
Clutch: Base Exchange
Necklace: F21
White Diamond Ring: Thrift


  1. Awww you look lovely! I also had a couple of teary moments throughout the movie :'( xo

  2. LOVE this look. LOVE the leather jacket, and LOOOOVE those shoes.


  3. Gorgeous!! I love it all!!
    I'm followin ya!


  4. I am loving this, especially the red accents! I can't wait to watch the movie now since everybody has been giving it rave reviews. :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit love...the red shoes are rocking.

  6. great outfit and i love your clutch!

  7. What a stunning outfit! Wish I had the guts to wear something like that! I think I am far too predictable!

    Glad I happened upon your blog. will be following for sure!


    Past Midnight

  8. Great outfit loving the leopard clutch.

    <3 Marina


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